Cash-OutRefi.com, the revolutionary online hub where you, the consumer better understand your loan, so you know your savings every month. Our exclusive process provides you the consumer, the ability to get the lowest interest rates available on the mortgage you need, to live life on your terms.

The Cash-OutRefi.com Advantage

The Cash-OutRefi.com difference is our unique prequalification process that makes you instantly attractive to lenders. A Cash-OutREFI.com pre-qualification is a badge of distinction that puts you at the front of the line for the best rates, specials, and stress free. Which means you’re instantly connected with top lenders ready to lend to you. And the best part is, getting your Cash-OutRefi.com pre-qualification is quick, easy and “credit-safe.”

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No Social Security Required

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No Damage to Your Credit Score

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No Need to Speak with a Representative

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All in 2-minutes
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Our Mission

Cash-OutRefi.com gives you the power to control your financial future by managing your own loan portfolio. Instead of banks or lenders dictating your options, the Cash-OutRefi.com prequalification connects you directly with top lenders who are ready and willing to lend to you. Saving you the frustration, wasted time, and needless paperwork that comes with working with the wrong lenders.

We do it with out requiring difficult credit score exams which could harm your credit score rating or a ton of private records that would disclose you to scams.
So as opposed to fighting-off harassing calls for requests for additional information, you’re right away linked to terrific lenders, geared up to lend to you.
And with over 2 million satisfied customers, we’ve built a strong community of people like you who are taking control of their financial futures.
Cash-OutRefi.com Refinance Closing Costs
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The CashOutRefi.com Difference

Most loan marketplaces make you fill out lengthy applications than sell your information to several lenders. And that’s when the unwanted calls and demanding emails start. But as a Cash-OutRefi.com customer you avoid the hassle because you’re prequalified to connect with Top mortgage Specialist.

The Cash-OutRefi.com difference is our pre-qualification process. Our process gets you prequalified and matched with lenders in minutes. Just answer a few simple questions online or by phone with our specialist and get your prequalification today.

Your Cash-OutRefi.com prequalification is a badge of distinction and puts you at the head of the line. Instead of dealing with harassing calls and emails from aggressive lenders, you can go straight to the application process because you are Cash-outRefi.com prequalified.

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The Cash-OutRefi.com Story

Cash-OutRefi.com was founded by a group of passionate Real Estate Professionals with a vision to break down the challenges between lenders and their customers.

Cash-OutRefi.com set out to build a system to save our customers time, money, and frustration. What we have created was a process that quickly prequalifies customers without a lengthy interrogation or the need to even speak with a live representative.

Cash-OutRefi makes it easy and secure to get prequalified without damaging credit scores or sharing personal information online. Cash-OutRefi.com affiliates have served billions of customers in all 50 states, and successfully established a new standard for completing refinances.

Soon, Cash-OutRefi.com will introduce a loan rate monitoring service along with our loan marketplace. These combined services will give customers the power to save money each month by taking advantage of the lowest interest rates available.

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